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Intra Company Transfer Program

Program Background

High skilled foreign nationals are allowed to come and work in Canada with an international mobility program called Intra Company Transfer.

Under this program, If a foreign national has been an employee of a multinational company that is located and active in a country outside Canada, they may be eligible to get an LMIA-exempt work permit which allows them to be transferred to one of the company’s locations within Canada.

The company in Canada may be an existing business or a newly set business.

An advantage of the program is that it provides a work permit generally in a short period of time, sometimes as short as two weeks.

What Are the Requirements of the program?

-There are certain requirements of the program in general, as well for the employee and the employer

The requirements for the employee is as follows:

·         -The employee must have been employed for 1 year full time, within last three years. (So he does not need to be actively working at the moment)

·         - The employee must be seeking and entry to work in Canada while employed in a branch, subsidiary or an affiliate of the multinational company

·        - The company located outside Canada and the company established in Canada must have a qualifying relationship. This means there must be an ongoing relationship ion terms of providing goods as services for each other. This relation needs to be active

·         -The employee has to be employed at an executive or senior management level or in a position requiring a specialized knowledge

The requirement for the employer is as follows:

- Both companies, the one in Canada and the one in another country, should have a branch, subsidiary or an affiliate relationship

     - The two businesses must be doing business together. This means there needs to be a goods or services transfer. Opening of a company on its own is not sufficient for this program.

The Benefits of the Program

Getting a work permit under this program is quite faster than other programs. Often times, It is even possible to get a work permit within two weeks after the application.

Working under this program also provides a chance to being a candidate of Canadian experience Class, after working for 1 full year in Canada. Therefore, it is a very useful program for getting permanent residency under express entry system.

Who is this Program for?

This program is for the employees that works in an organization and wants to be transferred to its branch in Canada.

If your company has a branch or a subsidiary in Canada, and you have been working for the company for 1 year in the last three years, you can easily be transferred to work in Canada operation.

Timeline for the Application

You may get your work permit in as short as two weeks. Still, the time can be extended to up to 10 weeks as well, based on your country and the current work loads.

Then you can come and start working in Canada immediately. Your family can also get their visas and permits accordingly.

1 year of employment will give you a chance to apply for a permanent residency under CEC program.

How Can I Apply?

Please contact us via email (wecare@westeagleimmigration.ca) and schedule a meeting for us to evaluate your current eligibility.


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