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2022 January 31

turkey-Job offer

Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world, and the number of annual immigrants from all over the world to this North American country is much higher than other countries in the world. According to immigration statistics and the number of immigrants in Canada, more than 25% of Canadians are immigrants. There are several ways to find work in Canada. In this article, we will try to introduce you the ways to find a job in Canada and talk about the conditions for obtaining a Canadian Job Offer visa. Stay with us.

Job offer and work in Canada
One of the most important and main ways to find a job in Canada is to use the job offer method. In this way, according to the need of Canada for labor in different sectors, it announces the need to different countries around the world, and people who have sufficient skills in the field, can provide evidence And documents in the field of having the necessary skills in the relevant field of activity, to immigrate to this American country and to be employed in their desired job in this country. Immigrants must have certain conditions in order to obtain a Canadian work visa and immigrate to Canada through a job offer visa. Here are some of these conditions:

1-    Have a relevant work experience

One of the most important conditions for obtaining a job offer visa in Canada is having a relevant work experience. Individuals intending to immigrate to Canada on a work visa must have a good work experience in their home country. Obviously, immigrants will not be able to obtain a work visa if they are unable to provide the necessary documents to prove their work experience.

2-    Have a degree in English or French

Another important condition for obtaining a work visa in Canada and finding work in Canada through a job offer is to have a degree in English or French. Individuals wishing to immigrate to Canada for work must have one of the IELTS English or CLB French language certificates with the minimum score accepted by the Canadian embassy.

3-    Have a relevant degree

For example, if a person intends to work as a nurse in Canada, he or she must submit a translation of his or her degree to the Canadian embassy in order to obtain a job offer visa.

4-    financial ability

Immigrants to Canada must be able to submit a letter of financial support to the Canadian Embassy. The letter of financial standing is in fact a certificate from a reputable bank in the country of origin, which shows that the immigrant can pay for his / her living expenses until he / she receives his / her first salary in this country.


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Benefits of working in Canada

 Some of the benefits of working in this country are:

·      High income

·      Job stability

·      Many job opportunities

·      And …